Empower Cardio Dance Hoop with DVD

Empower Cardio Dance Hoop with DVD

Empower Cardio Dance Hoop with DVD

Product Code: MP-3656R

Burn as many calories as aerobics or running and have a whole lot more fun with the lightweight Empower Cardio Dance Hoop. Learn the basics-Latin moves and Hip-Hop grooves and more! Start with five Cardio Dance Hoop instructionals and then get your groove on with five workouts led by dance hoop expert Lolli Hoops. Once you master the routines, keep learning new tricks with additional free online workouts.

• 3 hoops in 1-Start with the easiest option, 8 sections, then amp up your workout by removing one or two sections-smaller hoops burn more calories!
• Lightweight hoop with textured grip tape is perfect for beginner or expert hoop dancers
• Snap-button connections easily disassembles 40-inch hoop into 8 pieces for storage or travel
• 30-minute DVD and workout guide provide dance hooping instruction as well as 5 progressive dance routines, plus bonus online workouts
• As with most fitness hoops, this product may cause tenderness in initial use

Calorie Expenditure Cardio Dance Hoop:
Large Hoop: CALORIES: 7.0 per minute (METS 6.0)
Medium Hoop: CALORIES: 8.1 per minutes (METS 7.0)
Small Hoop: CALORIES: 9.5 per minute (METS 9.5)

Both the small and medium hoops were classified as “vigorous activity” (anything over 6.0 METS). The large hoop is on the cusp of moderate/vigorous activity. The 8.1 calories per minute is similar to data found before for “traditional” hooping. Thus, the small hoop clearly requires more effort and energy. This is comparable in energy cost to running at 5.5 mph.* For the Large Hoop, Jazzercise and Zumba-like activities cost about 6.0 calories per minute. For the Medium Hoop, “Aerobics” requires a similar energy cost.*

Muscles engaged:
Trunk (core), abs, back, hips, thighs, shoulder girdle stabilizers

More information on activity-specific calorie expenditure:
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