Empower Lighted Soft Walking Weights

Empower Lighted Soft Walking Weights

Empower Lighted Soft Walking Weights

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Empower Lighted Soft Walking Weights

Lighted Walking Weights, 4lb


Whether walking at dusk or dawn, two, 2lb Lighted Walking Weights will tone your arms and burn calories with the added benefit of safety and security! The comfortable mesh handles have push-button LED lights with two settings to make you visible to traffic and other walkers! Safety walking weights are also perfect for daytime use—add extra power to your workout when walking or jogging, on the treadmill or stepper, as well as during aerobics and kickboxing!

Battery Changing Instructions can be found here


  • Comfortable and ergonomic weights fit comfortably in your palm

  • Secure and safe mesh strap holds the weight in place while exercising

  • Easy touch light has two settings: flashing or continues light

  • Includes two, 2lb LED-lighted, sand-filled Safety Walking Weights and accompanying workout guide

  • The Battery in the Lighted Walking Weights are a common button cell battery - model #CR2032.

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