Empower Ultimate Massage System

Empower Ultimate Massage System

Empower Ultimate Massage System

Product Code: RE-3827R

Destress and feel awesome with the all-inclusive, head-to-toe Ultimate Massage System! The Spot-On Neck and Back Massager is ideal for releasing knots in hard-to-reach areas of the body. Simply hook it over your shoulder and enjoy the feeling of tight, overworked muscles being released. But don’t stop there! The Foot Massager is ideal after a long day on your feet. It was designed to follow the natural contour of the foot to roll away tension and help alleviate pain caused by common foot ailments and uncomfortable shoes. Finally, the Massage Stick rounds out the assortment. It is perfect for pre and post workouts and rolling away tension in larger muscle groups. No matter where you feel tension, the Ultimate Massage System products and recovery guides will help you destress and unwind. 

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