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HOPFit Deluxe System

HOPFit Deluxe System

HOPFit Deluxe System


HOPFit Pro Deluxe System includes:

-PATENTED Anti Burst HOPFit Ball
-PATENTED Deluxe Comfort Collar
-High-Velocity Deluxe Foot Pump 
-Inflation Tools 
-2lb Pair Weighted Gloves (1lb each glove)
-HOPFit Workout DVD
-HOPFit Guide 
-Weighted Gloves Workout Guide 
-Donna's 24 Quick & Healthy Recipe Book (download)
-Donna's Stay Fit & Strong Guide (download) 
-Access to additional streaming workouts
-Membership in our closed Facebook Group

For more information on HOPFit click here!

Please note HOPFit is not recommended for persons over 300 lbs.

Bounce and burn calories while you watch TV, sit at your desk, talk on the phone, and more.  Just sit on the HOPFit and bounce your way into fitness! You'll have so much fun, you won't even realize your exercising! 

HOPFit is scientifically proven to burn as many calories as jogging, but it’s so much more fun! Burn up to 900 calories an hour with HOPFit. More than just a calorie burn though, the HOPFit engages quads, inner thighs, glutes, calves, back and abs! Add in the BONUS weighted gloves for additional caloric burn and upper body toning! 

The HOPFit is a low impact workout with high impact results. The unique HOPFit movements utilize the largest muscles in your body for maximum results. While the comfortable ergonomic seat of the HOPFit provides natural support to the body so there is minimal impact to the joints.

  WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • HOPFit at Athleta!

  • HOPFit Hotties Workout!

  • Most exciting new product at IDEA 2018!


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  • Bizzisue

  • My new favorite way to get back in shape - thank you!!

    Finally there is a product that makes me actually think about when I can work out next! After stepping away from fitness for several years due to injury, I was thrilled to find this low impact, but high energy and fun way to get back in shape. I find myself looking for snippets of free time to pull out my HOPfit ball! The amazing thing is that you can really do it anywhere. I loaded the workout video on my computer right in the kitchen and was able to fit in a 10 minute session that left me feeling like I worked out for an hour! It is so great to find a product that can be done in a group setting or in privacy of your own home that leaves you feeling so energized and with great results. I don't typically build up a sweat, but the HOPfit helps you get as much or as little out of your workout that you want to put into it and left me "feeling the burn" but with a smile on my face. Thank you for making me actually want to work out and have fun doing it. It makes you feel like you are a kid again! :)

  • 3/25/2019
  • Dawn

  • Great low impact cardio workout!

    As a Physical Therapy Assistant, I am always looking for a low impact, cardio workout to recommend to my clients. This is a great option! Its a total body workout especially when using the weighted gloves, that gets your heart rate pumping!!

  • 3/14/2019
  • Tanya

  • It reminds me of the bouncy balls from childhood

    I LOVE my hopfit. It reminds me of the bouncy balls from childhood, so much fun, only the hopfit can be hands free. So many options! The only improvement I could see is to make a smaller size available. I am 4'10", so it is hard to get my feet flat on the floor and maintain a 45 degree angle, though I cannot resist, and I am making it work with a few adjustments and super grippy shoes. Thank you for such a great idea. I am sure I will enjoy it for many years, (and look forward to new items from you as well, hopefully including a smaller hopfit).

  • 2/28/2019
  • Pudgy56

  • Great low joint impact workout

    Well, needed something fun, easy, but help with balance. I do the video but modify because these girls can get a little intense! The results for me are balance and improved flexibility. I try to have the same form as the ladies in the video - but... (in my mind I do!). It is fun - you'll get the heart pumping, and you can feel it in your legs - but feel very satisfied afterwards! It's a lot harder than you think - but worth the effort!

  • 2/27/2019
  • JBodles

  • Woah- that was more intense than I thought it would be

    I've fallen off the "fitness wagon" because I just can't find anything I like. I bought the Hopfit because it looked like it might keep me engaged. I LOVE this product. It's fun, but it also kicked my butt! I chose not to modify and went full-bounce and kept up with the video and I looooved it. I was so sweaty and breathless by the end. I did the new video online and my arms were nice and sore the next day. Not too bad, but enough to know the muscles were worked. This is definitely a product I would recommend. I know the price seems high, but for me, it was worth it. I need something to keep me motivated and this was it.

  • 2/26/2019
  • BZYMOMof4

  • It is well made and very fun! So much so, that I don't even realize I am working out until I stop... and feel the work out burn :)

    The Ball is made with great quality. Very sturdy material and it holds the air well without deflating. I got the ball because I find working out at home boring and I wanted to make it fun. In fact, it is so much fun that I don't even realize I am working out...until I feel the work out burn! When I am done I let the kids play on it and it keeps them busy long enough to take a shower in peace!

  • 2/25/2019
  • Exercise junkie

  • Fun!!!

    What a fun way to really sweat & get a great workout! It will leave you smiling!

  • 2/12/2019
  • Fahy

  • Great for watching TV!

    I received this as a gift from my daughter and it is so FUN! I use it way more that I thought I would, it has become my new go to chair for watching tv at night.

  • 2/12/2019