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Cardio Core and More Hoop

Cardio Core and More Hoop

Cardio Core and More Hoop


Hoop, Sweat and Have Fun! 

Burn more calories and get a great cardio workout with our weighted hula hoop for women. Weighted hula hoop workouts engage and target your core, abs, back, hips, thighs, and shoulders and can burn as many calories as aerobics or running. Strengthen core while reshaping your middle. It has been scientifically proven that a weighted hulla hoop workout is more effective than crunches! 

Our 3-in-1 adjustable weight fitness hoop allows you to mix and match weighted and non-weighted hoop sections into different configurations depending on desired workout intensity; easy, hard and hardest. Whether you use a weighted fitness hoop for cardio and conditioning or as a dance hoop, you will get a great work out and have fun.

• Adjustable weighted hoop lets you mix and match weighted and non-weighted sections to create three different workouts that can burn up to 420 calories per hour • Soft, thick, foam padding provides comfort while hooping

• Snap-button connections easily disassembles 40-inch hoop into 8 pieces for storage or travel

• 45-minute DVD and workout guide provide hooping instruction as well as a total body toning workout

• As with most fitness hoops, this product may cause tenderness in initial use Burn as many calories as aerobics or running and have a whole lot more fun with the Empower weighted hoop that chisels your middle, strengthens your core, and burns calories. The weighted hoop features mix and match weighted and non-weighted sections to create three different workout intensities. This unique, patented hoop has been featured on the Today Show as well as in Health, Prevention, and Dr Oz’s Good Life magazine.

Download Workout Guide

 WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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  • prodigystormer

  • Its great

    this is a really fun workout! This workout is improving my general posture and balance...lol! Also, the price I paid to acquire this program was def. not expensive, so many new products boast about how great they are and charge an arm and a leg to obtain only to discover, they are not as great as they claimed (go figure, right?). In conjunction to the workout, I can grab my hoop during down time at home and just hoop for a few throughout my day, easy!

  • 8/16/2016
  • neicy

  • Excellent value for the price worth it .

    I love this product makes me feel like a big kid and i get a very good workout

    We are so glad you are loving your hoop! At Empower Fitness, we're committed to providing fitness solutions you need to be active, healthy, and strong. We like hearing from customers like you and welcome your feedback. We realize you have many choices when it comes to fitness and we thank you for choosing Empower Fitness .

  • 6/15/2016
  • molllydol

  • I'm so glad Santa put this under the tree for me!

    Awesome fun workout that is like playing.

  • 1/5/2016